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Angie was born in Austria and has lived in New Brunswick for 4 years. While in Austria, she attended an academy in Media design and Advertising, and also worked in Sales and Marketing. Angie was member of an Art Club and had exhibitions in Linz, Austria. Angie has always loved using a range of techniques such as oil painting, acrylic painting and water colors. After taking a break of many years from artistic endeavours, Angie has restarted, with a technique using glass colors.

I hope my work makes you smile with recognition of the graceful curves of a canoe slipping along a quiet lake, the calmness of a misty blue iris or a cheerful dandelion.
My influences include nature and sights I have seen during my travels. Much of my recent work focuses on the lake where my husband and I retreat.


My artistic craft has been developed over the past 25 years spreading out like paint on a canvas. I have enjoyed both watercolour and acrylic to turn blank canvases into still life and landscapes. Nature is the perfect painter which continues to inspire me.

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