In 2015, Creek Village Gallery and Cafe was founded by a group of creative art enthusiasts who had been dreaming of creating a place for community to enjoy local art and food under one roof.
Creek Village Gallery exists to give a place for our local artists and artisans to share their work with our community. Their one-of-a-kind art and fine crafts reflect a passion for all things local. 
Creek Village Gallery is a nonprofit cooperative. The Gallery supports sustainability. Many of our artisan offer up-cycled creations.


''Bring art to the community and the community to the art''

Young Artist Spotlight

My name is Sam Leger. I am currently 19 years old, studying visual arts at McKenzie College and working up to video game art. Ever since I was two years old, I have been constantly drawing new pieces, from scribbles of colors to characters my child self would see in video games and TV shows. I have been self taught for as long as I can remember, knowing for a fact that I want this as a profession. I’m working up to a diploma to make jobs and careers easier. When it comes to careers, the very top of the mountain would be to work for an animation company.

Nowadays I’m focusing more on digital art. When it comes to traditional art, I’m dabbling in a few mediums like ink, pencil, acrylics, watercolor and especially chalk pastel. I usually draw fantasy-ish art rather than realistic -with the exception of animals. I LOVE animals. I enjoy doodling mythical creatures and meshing two things/animals together to create something new.

Art can also be a coping mechanism for me, drawing out my mind on paper when my emotions get too much, or when my thoughts get too nagging. A giant weight gets lifted off my shoulders whenever I’ve done an emotional piece of art. I’m thankful for my paper and pencils for giving me a piece of therapy when I seemingly had no other way to vent.

My inspiration comes from animated movies and shows. Even now at 19, I still can’t help but be star struck at the beautiful colors and movement.


119 Connell St Woodstock NB Canada E7M 1K7

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