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I'm a young amateur artisan. Since I've moved to Canada from Romania 8 years ago, I've been practicing art. At first, art wasn't my favourite subject. Like many people, I always thought that I couldn't draw or paint, but that's not true. Art taught me that no matter what passion you have, from art to sports, you have to practice. Practice doesn't always mean perfection. It can mean development and evolution. When you have a passion for something or you want to explore different subjects that are out of your comfort zone, you have to remember that practicing and going through trial and errors helps you to understand the subject and learn to develop. Through the years I've started to develop my own style of art. I'm not exactly sure what to call it. But I do know for a fact that my current style will change over the years. Even after two years my artwork will look different. My art is influenced by many artists, such as Leilani Joy, Polina Bright, Margaret Morals and Elena Gual.
My favourite art media definitely would be watercolour. Watercolour used to be a media that I would have a hard time understanding how it works. However, through many failed attempts I began to understand the basics. Still, there is so much more room for me to learn how to use and manipulate watercolour, so that I can get the effects that I desire.
Even though watercolour media is my favourite, I do want to extend my art horizons by learning more about acrylics and move on to oil painting in the future. Maybe one day I’ll get my artwork to look more realistic. However at the moment I've happy with my current style.
My artwork does sort of have themes. Most of them are somehow representing space, galaxy and moons. It is an obsession and a phase I’m currently going through. I guess that I enjoy the unknown of which we still know little and that it is being transmitted into my art.
If someone were to ask me what my art means, I would answer "I don't know" or "What do you think it means?" Art is supposed to represent what you feel or what you see. There isn't really a wrong answer.

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