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I am 12 years old. This past
summer, I was at the McCain Gallery celebrating my
illustrations in Brigitte Marsden’s book called ‘Kit and the Calico
Cat’. In her book I have 7 illustrations that I have drawn. At that
showcase, I was asked if I would be interested in being the
Young Artist of the Month at Creek Village Gallery. I was
I take private art lessons with Brigitte Marsden and have been
for 2 years. She has taught me so many techniques and I have
come so far.
I love to experiment with different mediums of art and you are
most likely to see me doodling or sketching. I love to use
watercolor pencil crayons and even bought my own set. I love
to use acrylic and ink as well. My hobbies are art, baking,
gymnastics, sewing, fishing and tying flies.
I am so happy that Creek Village Gallery has offered me this
opportunity and I can’t wait to see my future holds!

Haylee Boone artwork4 Crayons November 2
Haylee Boone artwork1 Mandella November
Haylee Boone artwork3 Eyes November 2017
Haylee Boone artwork2 Happy Holidays Nov
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