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Lana Dickinson

Needle Felting

Lana Dickinson photo_edited.jpg

When I purchased my 1st felting needle and multicoloured sample packet of wool...when I placed that little gob of red fuzz into a heart shaped cookie cutter and it miraculously turned into the cutest little heart...I was hooked...What can I make with this??

I am Lana Dickinson. I live in the beautiful little community of Benton with Tommy, my husband of 39 years. I am the mother of 2 wonderful children.  

I create whimsical figures from wool but am particularly fond of my mice who are felted with an inner wire skeleton which makes them somewhat posable and hopefully keeps their limbs and tails attached during playtime. 

My mice are my pride and joy. I developed them with the goal in mind that they could not only be enjoyed as a cute little ornament, but they would come to life in a child's imagination.

I hope my creations make you smile!

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